1. mantin studio 万田设计工作室2019年成立于深圳。是一间具有商业洞察及实验性质的视觉设计工作室。我们以平面设计视觉输出为基础,主要涉及领域为品牌标识、产品包装、印刷和艺术周边出版物等。我们与众多新兴消费升级品牌进行设计项目的深度合作,同时经营自己的生活方式品牌BOYS&DOG™。
  3. 我们为缺乏视觉体系和表现平庸的品牌或者产品找到视觉核心竞争力,专注视觉输出的设计创新和全球实验视角,创造并研究可以激活品牌创意同时以生活方式及青年潮流等多元的视觉呈现方式。
  5. 在商业细分的当下我们更多的关注#日常消费版块,我们把工作室的大部分合作对象列为日常生活范围内触手可及的产品或品牌,这样我们会有更多的精力聚焦在更精准的视觉设计输出,更有目的和针对性的解决#日常设计之问题。

MANTIN STUDIO was established in Shenzhen in 2019. It is a visual design studio with commercial insights and experimental nature. We are based on the visual output of graphic design, mainly involved in brand identity, product packaging, printing and art peripheral publications. We have in-depth cooperation with many emerging consumer upgrade brands in design projects, and at the same time operate our own lifestyle brand BOYS&DOG™.


We find visual core competitiveness for brands or products that lack visual systems and mediocre performance, focus on design innovation and global experimental perspectives for visual output, and create and study multiple visual presentation methods that can activate brand creativity while using lifestyles and youth trends.


In the current business segmentation, we pay more attention to the #daily consumption section. We list most of the studio’s partners as products or brands within reach of daily life, so that we will have more energy to focus on more Accurate visual design output, more purposeful and pertinent solution #daily design problems.